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Mission Kharkiv (UA)

Since the outbreak of the Russian invasion, the border city of Kharkiv in the Northeast of Ukraine has come under constant bombardment from Russian forces. The victims of this conflict are not merely those killed, injured, and displaced by the shelling. They are also those affected by supply chain disruptions, particularly disruptions of the medical supply chain. The supply chain disruption has been particularly deadly for those with chronic ailments that rely on consistent, daily access to lifesaving medication and for cancer patients trapped in besieged cities like Kharkiv.

Charles McBryde explains the humanitarian disaster unfolding in Ukraine and what Mission Kharkiv is doing to alleviate the suffering of Ukraine’s most vulnerable populations.

We are providing lifesaving medication to the people who need it most.

Mission Kharkiv places an emphasis on the micrologistics that ensure the medications donated to our project end up in the right hands. It is a painstaking process, but it ensures that these medications reach their final destination, even in the most volatile of circumstances.

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