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Nurse/Paramedic (RN, LPN or Paramedic)

Posted 8 months ago

Provide Nursing/Emergent Care to Internally Displaced Persons at clinics or medical aid points within Ukraine consistent with license or certification level in collaboration with Medical Providers and EMTs and/or CNAs as available.  The acuity of care may vary greatly from an occasional extreme of critical care while pending transport of a patient to a higher level of care, but more commonly dressing changes, dispensing of OTC or common chronic care medications per orders of Providers, wound care, management of patient flow.  Soft skills such as compassion, patience, flexibility and a willingness to perform tasks other than patient care (such as pick up a broom or move equipment if needed), and adapt to constantly changing conditions as well as an austere work environment are a must.  Experience working with translators is a plus as well as an ability to work collaboratively and cooperatively with people of different backgrounds and licenses in a non hierarchical atmosphere (this is an all volunteer environment).

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