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Medical Provider/Prescriber (MD/DO/NP/PA)

Posted 7 months ago

This position is for a Prescribing Provider at the Lviv Clinic serving Internally Displaced Persons.  This clinic is currently based at the Lviv train station where it has been serving people transitioning through the train station from war torn areas.  The trailer itself is likely to move to a fixed IDP location within the Lviv City within the next few weeks (by about Mid July) to the City Cultural Park where there is a center run by Polske Pomoc (Polish Aid).  This is due to the lower amount of IDPs moving through the train station as the conflict stabilizes.  Duties include those customary for Primary Care and internal medicine Providers such as taking medical histories, assessing conditions and dispensing medications from those supplied at the clinic (which are usually somewhat limited due to donation stock).  Typically few medications are being started or new conditions diagnosed but rather where patients have had to move with limited quantities of medications, medications continued, or adjusted to match those available.  Also, wound dressings are common as are some of the local herbal or wholistic medications requested for stress.  Minimum period requested to be on the ground in Lviv is one week from Sunday to Saturday, which means that due to travel time in and out from the US this requires 2 weeks (4 days lead time and 3 to get back to the US).  However 2 to 3 weeks or more on the ground is much preferred. Experience in Primary care or internal medicine preferred, however, any licensed prescriber is inherently qualified for this work as it is not extremely challenging clinically, but it is very rewarding and gives extremely high value and return to the Ukrainian displaced people who have no access to care once away from home.

Currently participants will need to be self supported while performing this volunteer duty.  Hotels/hostels or Airbnb rooms can be rented for about $25 to $50 per night and food is inexpensive and amounts typically to about $10 to $20 per day maximum.  These can be found by the Participant ahead of time online.

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