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Volunteers for Ukraine is a grassroots organization that helps connect American military veterans eager to head overseas and join the fight with donors who purchase gear and airline tickets. David Ribardo, former Army officer and the founder and CEO of the group, joined CBS News’ Vladimir Duthiers and Anne-Marie Green to discuss his efforts. March 17, 2022, CBS NEWS

The Lead with Jake Tapper

A volunteer with Volunteers for Ukraine talks with CNN’s Jake Tapper from Poland, discussing his experience and what kinds of volunteers are needed. March 15, 2022, CNN News. 

CNN New Day with Boris Sanchez

Volunteer for Ukraine founding member and Director David Ribardo talks with CNN New Day anchor Boris Sanchez about the efforts to organize veterans and professionals interested in helping in Ukraine. March 12, 2022, CNN News

‘I Just Can’t Stand By’: American Veterans Join the Fight in Ukraine

All across the country, small groups of military veterans are hungry for what they see as a righteous fight to defend freedom against an autocratic aggressor. March 5, 2022, New York Times

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