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Who We Are

Volunteers for Ukraine is a 100% volunteer grassroots 501(c)3 non-profit (application pending) comprised of professionals dedicating their time and expertise to helping others aid in Ukraine and surrounding areas. While we have an incredible team of volunteers dedicated to the cause, we invite you to learn a little bit more about the leadership of our organization. 


David Ribardo

Chief Executive Officer

David Ribardo owns a real estate sales and property management company in Allentown, Pennsylvania. He served as an Infantry Officer in the United States Army from 2009 to 2017, with a combat deployment to Kandahar, Afghanistan. As he watched the drawdown there, he saw volunteer groups having great success helping with the evacuation efforts. Motivated by their example and out of a sense of service to others, he founded Volunteers for Ukraine.

Phillip Chatham

Chief Operations Officer

Phillip Chatham, CIB / MBA is a management professional with more than 20 years of experience as a Business Manager. As a Managing Partner of CP&A LLC. he has assisted hundreds of individuals, LLCs, and corporations with their business structure, tax management and daily operations. Previously he has been responsible for Diplomatic Security Missions, accountable to an Under-Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State, U.S. Senators, U.S. Representatives, as well as numerous host nation dignitaries. As an In-Country Operations Manager he maintained facility clearances with multiple intelligence agencies in order to provide oversight of all business functions from finance to supply chain management throughout SW Asia and the Middle East. Mr. Chatham is a Combat Veteran that has served in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Iraq. 

Jake Lewis

Chief Legal Officer

Jake is a commercial litigator based in New York City. He has previously assisted pro bono clients in various fields, including civil rights cases under 42 U.S.C. § 1983, Innocence Project referrals for non-violent drug convictions, asylum applications, and organizations supporting survivors of sexual assault. He graduated from Columbia Law School, with honors and was admitted to New York Super Lawyers’ list of Rising Stars in 2021.

Scott Armstrong

Chief Communications Officer

Scott Armstrong is a business owner and recognized global communicator, working with some of the most prominent broadcast, print and online media outlets in the world on behalf of a diverse client base. A former infantry officer in the United States Army serving from 1990-1999, his private sector clients have included some of America’s most prominent brand names and notable organizations. He joined Volunteers for Ukraine after witnessing unprovoked aggression against a civilian population and a subsequent need to do something to change it.

Stuart Schooley

Chief Financial Officer

Graduated 1970 from Penn State University with a BS in Accounting and a commission in the US Army as a second Lt.  Worked for international CPA firm for 3 years.  Then went into industry.  Wanted my own business so I started an accounting firm.  In 1980 found what I really wanted and that was a recreation area for scuba diving.  I have had it for 40 years, Dutch Springs.  Now I have sold it and will be retiring.  Also, am President and Treasurer of Lehigh Valley Angel Investors. Volunteered for VFU to help because we had a number of young people work at Dutch Springs on a J-1 VISA during the summers.  I continue to communicate with many.  A number from Ukraine and Russia.  None of them want this war.  I had to do more than just donate.

John Craig II

Personnel Officer

Located in central Ohio. Spent 29+ years in the Army, retired 2013 as a Recruiting Station Commander. Holds a Bachelors in HR and a Masters in, Organizational Leadership. Currently the Military Recruiter for the largest steel making company in North America

Brandon Julius

Social Media Manager

I go by Julius, raised in Northern Michigan, Prior Service, current occupation as a Protection Specialist. I just want to help ease the suffering in the world, I love humanity, and see the good that can be accomplished, hoping to make the good more contagious.


Chief Flights Coordinator



Special Projects Officer

Pilot, Engineer, Rescue Diver, Canadian. 


Special Projects Officer

Richard is a U.S. Military veteran who has also volunteered with Kurdish forces in the Middle East. He has a long standing interest in non-state solutions that can be leveraged in conflict zones.  He produces bi-lingual operational graphics & training aids for a variety of purposes and acts as a liaison with select NGO partners.  In his full time job, he works as a product developer for emerging technologies.

Persephone Lundolos

Co-Chief Technology Officer

Persephone specializes in UX, graphic design, online higher education, and front-end web development. Prior to VFU, she has volunteered for political campaigns, organizing strategy and volunteer efforts. She’s been in the field of communications and marketing for nearly 20 years working for various quasi-governmental and non-profit organizations. 

Tao Lundolos

Co-Chief Technology Officer

Tao has over 20 years of professional web development experience. He has provided IT, web services, and data analytics support for numerous non-profit organizations and social justice initiatives.


Board of Directors

The board of directors is comprised of voting members of VFU. 


This department oversees international operations, organizes volunteer arrivals and volunteer service programs.


This department handles volunteer intake, vetting, flights, and donations.

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